Our Technology

Designed to support today’s digitals assets and scale for tomorrow’s

New digital assets continue to be developed, thus we’ve built the Bakkt platform with an architecture that is scalable and agile enough to quickly support additional digital assets – those of today and of the future.

Our Core

Our core engine is built to process transactions in real time using the latest cloud technologies, to be adaptable and scalable while leveraging comprehensive security programs to keep your data safe.

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    Assets as a Service

    We have designed and built services across asset classes that can work individually or into multi-asset combinations. Many asset classes can be plugged into our platform and benefit from our common platform services such as authentication, direct payment integrations, peer-to-peer (“P2P”) payments, etc. Bakkt’s support for additional assets seamlessly plugs into our architecture and can be consumed by partners as services, expanding their offerings with minimal development effort.

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    Our APIs give developers the freedom to integrate Bakkt’s capabilities into their own applications and ecosystems. We provide APIs for asset classes including crypto, points and rewards, and provide APIs to buy, sell, store, send and spend digital assets.

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    Accelerating Integrations

    We offer several options to accelerate your integration onto our platform. In addition to APIs, we provide a pluggable IFrame experience for various asset classes, an embedded “Pay with Bakkt” experience, hosted Rewards Storefronts to power loyalty programs, and our Bakkt mobile wallet application where consumers can view and transact with their digital assets in a single place.

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