Expanding the Bakkt Bitcoin Product Complex

Bitcoin Options and Cash Settled Futures Now Available

Adam White
Dec 10 2019

Raising the Bar: Announcing Bakkt Institutional Bitcoin Custody

Enterprise-grade bitcoin custody built for institutions

Adam White
Nov 12 2019

Bakkt bitcoin options on futures to launch December 9: an industry first

Bakkt futures set new volume record

Oct 25 2019

We have liftoff: a milestone for the industry

Regulated markets accelerate the adoption of digital assets

Sep 24 2019

The Bakkt Warehouse is open for business

The launch of the Bakkt Warehouse, our regulated custodian and part of Bakkt Trust Company, allows for the safe, secure storage of bitcoin.

Adam White
Sep 10 2019

Cleared to launch

Bakkt’s bitcoin futures and warehouse to debut in September

Aug 17 2019

Putting Bakkt’s Bitcoin Futures to the test

Setting a New Standard for Institutional Market Quality for Digital Assets

Adam White
Jun 14 2019

Bitcoin Futures & Custody: Bakkt’s differentiated approach

User acceptance testing for bitcoin futures custody and trading planned for July

May 14 2019

At our core: digital asset custody

Setting a new standard for securely storing digital assets

Adam White
Apr 30 2019

Digital asset innovation & progress report

Introducing our board as we build digital asset infrastructure

Mar 30 2019

Bakkt's digital asset launch update & reader FAQs

Bakkt Warehouse to feature warm & cold wallet insurance

Nov 21 2018

What Bakkt aims to solve as a first step in the digital assets space

Serving institutions with infrastructure for digital assets

Sep 18 2018

How Bakkt is helping to build a digital asset infrastructure

The need for trusted price formation

Aug 20 2018