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The best type of money? Cash you didn’t know you had. With the Bakkt App, your digital wallet goes above and beyond by giving you the option to convert your digital assets into digital cash.

How to make money

The eternal question — how can I make easy money? In a similar vein, how can I make money online? Barring a money tree in your back yard (wouldn’t that be nice), suddenly finding extra cash is often harder in practice than in theory. However, what about finding money you may not even know you had?

After the highly anticipated Bakkt App launches in a few months, you’ll be able to convert your portfolio of digital assets including rewards, points, miles, gift cards and crypto from one to another – or straight into cash. It’s all the money you’ve earned from participating in loyalty and rewards memberships, now conveniently aggregated and unlocked for you to spend, send, or trade in the manner that suits you best. Think of it as getting an additional return on your investments — the essentials and the entertainment you’ve already enjoyed are continuing to give back long after you may have forgotten about them. For example, that weekend vacation you took last year? You may no longer have those mountain views, but converting your miles and hotel rewards points from your time at the lodge can pay for professionally printing and framing the photos you took of your time there.

Use cash easily with the Bakkt App

Let’s dive in to how you can make a cash purchase, or the purchase of an asset with cash through the Bakkt App.

How to spend cash on the Bakkt App

Spending, sending, and trading cash for crypto on the Bakkt App is intuitive, seamless, and safe. There are several ways you can utilize cash through the app, and all roads can lead to spending or saving your newfound cash.

How to deposit cash

Adding a cash deposit to your Bakkt account is simple, safe, and easy as 1-2-3.

To deposit cash into Bakkt:

  1. Link the bank account of your choice to your Bakkt digital wallet
  2. Once Bakkt has verified your account, you may transfer cash into the Bakkt App
  3. Use your cash to purchase other digital assets (like miles or points), send payment to a friend, or buy and trade bitcoin in the crypto marketplace.

How to save money

The Bakkt App is unique in that it can help you grow your savings by enabling the aggregation and conversion of your various digital asset accounts. You may have a variety of different rewards, points, gift cards and miles spread out across the brands that you frequent. Combining them in the Bakkt App can go much further, in total, than keeping them separated.

With Bakkt, you can cultivate and grow rewards points — watch those rewards pile up and save them for later - maybe for that large purchase you’ve been eyeing, or to invest in bitcoin in the crypto marketplace. Once you learn how easy it is to accrue points and watch their value increase with every purchase, you’re more likely to save up and spend at the opportune moment.

What’s more — did you know consumers lose $3 billion in unused gift cards every year? With the Bakkt App you can view all of your gift cards in a single place, ensuring that you never lose track of unspent value. Instead of searching through a stack of cards from different retailers when you go shopping (or even worse, forgetting to use one!), you can view them all in your gift card balance, and pay with your phone in stores or online.

How do I use the Bakkt card?

Your Bakkt card is found in your digital wallet and performs like any other digital debit card, but with the added magic of the Bakkt App – your aggregated rewards and loyalty points, gift cards, airline miles, and crypto – behind it.

Your entire Bakkt portfolio is always available to you, but the cash that you’ve either added to your Bakkt account or have acquired through converting some of your digital assets is available to spend through the Bakkt card.

Besides being able to use the Bakkt card for online purchases, you can also use it at brick-and-mortar retailers. Pay with your Bakkt App in-store or from the comfort of your couch, wherever Apple Pay or Google Pay is accepted. The Bakkt card acts like any debit card payment, with transactions available instantly through your account history in the Bakkt App. Consider the Bakkt card one fewer literal card you have to keep in your wallet, and a convenient payment system that leverages your digital assets' accumulated power.

How secure is my cash?

Bakkt is majority-owned by Intercontinental Exchange, which operates over a dozen of the world’s most prominent exchanges, including the New York Stock Exchange. Here at Bakkt, the security of your digital assets is our top priority, and we employ sophisticated information security and fraud protection measures to protect them.

Sleep soundly knowing your cash and other digital assets are safe with Bakkt.

Our commitment to security

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