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Gift Cards

For gift-givers, gift cards are the one-size-fits-all answer to any occasion. And as the person receiving the gifts, we’re betting that you’ve got plenty of gift cards with lingering balances hanging out in your wallet. With Bakkt’s gift card management functionality, you can aggregate your physical and digital gift cards into one convenient spot, check their balances, and purchase new ones at a discount.

Manage your gift cards

Managing your gift cards through the Bakkt App is easy, convenient, and safe. No more fumbling with stacks of cards trying to remember if you have money left on one, or how much. Our gift card program, complete with a mobile gift card wallet, ensures you can effortlessly keep track of your gift cards once and for all. The Bakkt gift card management feature allows you to:

  • Buy — Purchase e-gift cards with cash or other select digital assets to spend at your favorite retailer or to gift as a contactless present.
  • Add — Add physical gift cards or digital gift cards to your gift card wallet in the Bakkt App.
  • View — As a gift card aggregator, the Bakkt App allows you to check gift card balances and consolidate gift cards with our handy gift card tracker. Never miss out on untapped funds again with a digital gift card holder.
  • Coming Soon: Send — The best gift cards are the ones you send to family and friends... and don’t have to leave the comfort of your own couch to purchase (right?). Instantly and safely send online gift cards (that can be used in-store) to show that you’re thinking of someone special.

How to keep track of gift cards

Thanks to the Bakkt App, keeping track of gift cards is a breeze. Your digital wallet also acts as a gift card organizer, allowing you to view your balances across retailers. No more writing down the balance on each card to remember; just keep track of all of it in one digital wallet.

From the gift card screen of your portfolio, you can aggregate, reload, and spend your gift cards. It’s a lot easier than keeping a stack of plastic cards to sort through – just watch how quickly the size of your physical wallet shrinks!

How to spend gift cards

Why spend your hard-earned cash when you’re probably sitting on years' worth of nearly forgotten gift cards? Your digital and physical gift cards can be spent two ways:

  1. Spend with the Bakkt App — use your reloadable gift cards as they were meant to be spent, at participating retailers in the Bakkt App.
  2. Spend your physical gift card, and update the remaining balance in the Bakkt App. This way you’ll never have to wonder how much you have left. Now, you can really tell your grandma that you’ve spent the gift card she gave you over the holidays, guilt-free.

Gift cards for any occasion

Gift cards are not only one-size-fits-all, but also work for any and every occasion. Whether it’s for a once-in-a-lifetime event, or simply a way of saying ‘I’m thinking about you,’ gift cards allow the recipient to take control and purchase what they truly want. Plus, you don’t have to worry about gifting something they might have to return or pretend to enjoy. Talk about a win-win situation. Using gift cards online has never been easier, and with the Bakkt App’s gift card manager, it’s even easier to buy gift cards for family, friends, and colleagues.

Birthday gift cards

Don’t know what to get a special someone for their birthday? A gift card from one of their favorite retailers always works. Don’t know what you want for your birthday? Ask for a gift card and decide later.

Anniversary gift cards

Whether it’s their first, fifth, or 50th anniversary, a gift card is always a welcome present, especially if you’ve run out of unique ideas over the years. Let the couple decide what they want on their own time or make it one less thing your significant other has to return on the sly.

Wedding gift cards

Want to buy the happy couple something off their registry, but everything in your price range has already been taken? Simply purchase a gift card to one of the retailers on their registry, and you’re done faster than they can cut the cake.

Graduation gift cards

Congratulate the scholar with a gift card they can use toward school or post-grad life. Whether they’re in the market for dorm room essentials or new kitchen gear, they’ll appreciate the thought and the open-ended nature of the gift.

Thank you gift cards

Saying “thank you” is meaningful, but a gift card certainly doubles down on the sentiment. Get them something they truly want without the guesswork and with the convenience of the Bakkt App.

Baby shower gift cards

New and expecting parents already have a lot on their minds — don’t interrupt nap time to ask what they want. Get them a gift card they’ll need.

Congrats gift cards

Nothing says ‘congrats!’ like a present they won’t want to return. Gift them what they really need — the opportunity to buy what they want, when they need it.

Just because gift cards

It’s always a good time to tell someone special you appreciate them. Instantly buy your lucky family member, friend, or colleague a gift card to their favorite retailer.