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Convert your rewards programs and loyalty points into cash, miles, crypto, or into other types of rewards and loyalty points. They’re your rewards — spend them how you like.

What is a rewards program?

Rewards programs are precisely what the name suggests — you, a loyal customer, earn rewards for joining a loyalty rewards program that helps incentivize how much you spend or how often you shop. The number of loyalty and rewards points you earn per purchase ties back to the respective retailer, but the gist is essentially the same. Your loyal patronage and VIP status are worth the perks you receive while supporting your favorite brands.

  • But what about the rewards you’ve earned and left unused or forgotten?

    These unclaimed rewards, miles, and points could be the equivalent of a free lunch, vacation, or shopping spree. And let’s not forget about gift cards. Americans spent $98 billion on gift cards in 2019, and about 2-4% of that money goes unused every year, averaging between $2-$4 billion in the U.S. alone. By aggregating these gift cards alongside your rewards programs and loyalty points, Bakkt makes sure that you’re never leaving money on the table.

  • With Bakkt, you can convert, spend or send your loyalty and rewards points on your own terms – after all, you earned them!

Manage my Rewards and Loyalty Points

Let’s explore some of rewards themes you’ve most likely been using in your everyday life, waiting to be unlocked and spent to their fullest potential.

Coffee Rewards

That daily jolt of java from your local coffee shop now plays double duty. Use your coffee shop rewards towards other purchases, energizing your entire digital asset portfolio.

Airline Miles Rewards

By unlocking your airline miles rewards with Bakkt, you can reap the benefits of a getaway even after the trip is over. Easily and instantly convert your airline loyalty points or airline credit card rewards into digital assets other than miles.

Restaurant Rewards

With our restaurant rewards program, you can have your cake and eat it too. You'll be enjoying the lasting perks of a meal long after you may have forgotten about the chicken tenders and fries you ordered on cheat day.

Hotel Rewards

Flexibility is key when it comes to hotel rewards programs, and Bakkt’s hotel loyalty programs are committed to helping extend your stay. Vacation may be a state of mind, but it’s hard to beat free room service or a room upgrade.

How to Redeem Rewards

After loading your rewards accounts into your digital wallet, you can redeem your rewards in any manner you choose.

Your portfolio total within the Bakkt App allows you to see the value of your combined rewards and points, and gives you the flexibility and control to spend them how you wish. Redeem rewards for a trip, a meal, or a gift — or send it to a friend or even use it to trade crypto. With Bakkt, you can redeem loyalty and rewards points however best fits your lifestyle (or mood whenever the online shopping urge strikes… we’ve all been there).

What makes the Bakkt App unique is the ability to combine and convert your rewards, points, and miles into a portfolio sum that can go further than its individual pieces. You're actively building a digital asset portfolio from simply living your life and spending what you usually would on both entertainment and the necessities. Let your hard-earned digital assets from your everyday activities treat you to that tasting menu you’ve been dreaming about.

With Bakkt rewards aren’t just more rewarding — they’re an investment.

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