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The digital asset market – cryptocurrencies, gift cards, loyalty points and miles – has grown tremendously, and stands at over $1.6 trillion today. The Bakkt platform enables merchants and brands to create compelling experiences to attract new customers and engage existing customers. Customers can leverage their digital assets and use them in new and different ways – in short, Bakkt connects the digital economy.

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Crypto Services

Interested in allowing your customers to trade crypto through the Bakkt App or within your own customer experience?

U.S. Consumer Crypto Survey

32% of survey respondents who haven't purchased cryptocurrency in the past 6 months are now interested.

Source: This data was generated through Bakkt’s survey of over 2,000 U.S. respondents in July 2021 via an online tool

What we deliver?

  • A secure and scalable cryptocurrency platform, bringing cryptocurrency to your customers
  • Enable your customers to track the value, and buy or sell cryptocurrency on a day-to-day basis
  • A “no transaction fee*” approach to trading cryptocurrencies

*Bakkt does not charge a per-transaction fee like many other platforms do; however, we buy/sell bitcoin to our customers at a slightly lower/higher price than our computed market price (this difference is sometimes called a margin or spread). Our spread for bitcoin transactions will be no more than 1.5% throughout 2021.

How we are differentiated:

  • Bakkt’s APIs enable a seamless experience directly into a partner’s online or mobile platform
  • Partners can offer cryptocurrency to their customers directly via an integration with Bakkt
  • Bakkt makes it easy for consumers to get started with crypto trading, even with a small amount of money

Crypto Rewards

The ability for customers to redeem rewards for cryptocurrency is emerging as interest in digital assets steadily increase.

In a Bakkt survey of nearly 2,000 U.S. consumers, nearly half (48%) of respondents reported purchasing crypto in the first half of 2021, while 32% of those who didn’t are either very or somewhat interested in doing so before year’s end. For as little as $5, or the equivalent of 500-1,000 rewards points or miles in certain programs, customers can get started with Bakkt. Crypto Rewards can close a knowledge gap, alleviate barriers for customers to explore crypto and help them reach their goals. Additionally, offering cryptocurrency rewards can help a brand attract and engage with younger audiences. Those aged 18-44 are the most responsive group, with 37% reporting that they are interested in investing in crypto for the first time in the next 6 months. Not only do companies have the chance to position themselves at the forefront of this evolution, but loyalty programs can provide customers with the option to earn rewards or redeem rewards for crypto. Let Bakkt enable your rewards currency to work harder for your customers.

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Powering Loyalty Programs

Bakkt provides innovative rewards solutions to drive loyalty and engagement for your program users. We offer a comprehensive suite of redemption solutions across a variety of rewards categories including merchandise, gift cards/eGift cards, digital experiences and charitable giving. Our travel solution offers a retail e-commerce booking platform with a powerful world-class search capability as well as live-agent, concierge-like booking and servicing. We continuously enhance our rewards offering including the addition of capabilities such as Pay with Points and Crypto Rewards.

Our SaaS platform provides a unified shopping experience that is configurable for your brand and your program. Capabilities include a mobile-first user experience, a multi-tier construct to accommodate your loyalty tiers, comprehensive fraud protection capabilities and a split-tender payments platform to accept both points and cards as a form of payment. Bakkt is proud to power the rewards program for seven leading financial institutions, two premier airlines and over 1,500 additional companies across a variety of sectors. Unlock your rewards currency with Bakkt to drive relevancy, engagement, frequency and delight amongst your program members.

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Digital Asset Payments

Bakkt provides consumers with a frictionless way to use their digital assets – including bitcoin, loyalty points, and rewards – just like cash for everyday purchases using Bakkt. Consumers can easily spend these assets via direct payment integrations with partner applications, or by using the virtual Bakkt® Visa® Debit Card† to pay in-store or online wherever Apple Pay® and Google Pay™ are accepted.

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