Make the most of your digital assets with Bakkt

We’re putting the control over your digital assets back in your hands – you earned ‘em, now spend ‘em.


Digital Wallet

With Bakkt, now you have one place to manage all of your digital asset accounts.

  • Add your digital asset accounts

    Quickly link your various digital asset accounts to the Bakkt App to view your loyalty points, rewards programs, gaming assets, gift cards and cryptocurrencies all in one place. Bakkt is your new digital wallet. It’s the one-stop shop to manage all of your accounts.

  • Watch your portfolio grow

    Bakkt® believes that you hold more value than you realize. As you link your digital asset accounts, you’ll notice your portfolio value beginning to rise - it’s like finding forgotten cash in the pocket of your favorite jeans!


Loyalty Redemption

Now that you’ve loaded all of your accounts into your digital wallet, discover how you can make your digital assets like your rewards points start working for you.

  • On-demand liquidity

    The portfolio total you see after linking your digital asset accounts? Convert it all to cash using the Bakkt App, instantly. That’s right – cash, in real time.

  • Flexibility and control, together

    Rather use your airline miles to buy some bitcoin or a cup of coffee? Bakkt lets you do that. How you convert and spend your digital assets is completely up to you.


Crypto Trading

Take your portfolio to the next level and try out crypto with Bakkt’s seamless and secure trading platform.

  • Buy and sell crypto

    Ready to buy some bitcoin? No problem! Whether it’s your first crypto purchase or your hundredth, the Bakkt App makes it simple through an easy-to-learn and easy-to-use trading interface.

  • Security is our middle name

    Bakkt leverages the same information and asset security policies as our parent company – Intercontinental Exchange, who owns the New York Stock Exchange.



Let those loyalty or rewards points take you to lunch! With the Bakkt App, choose to pay using a variety of digital assets.

  • Send to friends

    Did your friend pay instead? Quickly reimburse them through the Bakkt App using your cash balance or with loyalty points, gaming assets or crypto.

  • Pay using your Bakkt card

    All this new-found value? Bakkt makes it easy to treat yourself by loading your cash balance onto the digital Bakkt card. Use the Bakkt card to pay universally in-store or in-app wherever Apple Pay or Google Pay is accepted.

Gift Cards


Stop swimming through a stack of plastic and aggregate all your physical and digital gift cards in one convenient spot.

  • Aggregate and view all your gift cards

    Take the guesswork out of how much is left on your gift cards (or even where they are) - with the Bakkt App, you can see how much is left on respective cards, making sure that you never overlook a penny in the process.

  • Spend, send or buy

    Send a gift card as a contactless gift, buy one for yourself, or spend it through the Bakkt App. Don’t let those unused gift cards fall to the wayside.

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