One Wallet, Many Possibilities

With the Bakkt® App, choose how you want to use your digital assets.


Crypto Trading

Take your portfolio to the next level and try out crypto with Bakkt’s seamless and secure platform.

  • Buy and sell crypto

    Ready to buy bitcoin (BTC)? Whether it’s your first crypto purchase or your 100th, the Bakkt® App makes it simple through an easy-to-use interface and our no-fee approach*.

  • Security is our middle name

    The security of your hard-earned assets is our #1 priority. Bakkt leverages comprehensive security programs to keep your digital assets safe. Digital assets bring a complex new set of safety requirements, but our dedicated team of security professionals and multiple layers of defense are equipped to protect your digital assets.

Track & Convert


Link supported rewards and loyalty programs to the Bakkt App and discover how your digital assets can start working for you.

  • Redeem select points for cash

    Quickly convert participating points straight into cash using the Bakkt App!

  • Flexibility & control

    Rather use points to buy bitcoin or a cup of coffee? Convert select points to cash, then use that newfound money to buy crypto or a gift card, pay a friend back, or spend in-store or online with the virtual Bakkt® Visa® Debit Card.



Let your digital assets take you to lunch! With the Bakkt App, choose how you want to pay.

  • Pay with possibilities

    Bakkt makes it easy to spend your bitcoin or cash balance with the virtual Bakkt® Visa® Debit Card. Use the Bakkt Card to pay in-store or online wherever Apple Pay® or Google Pay™ is accepted.

  • Send money to friends

    Did your friend pay instead? Quickly pay them back with crypto or cash.

Manage & Buy

Gift Cards

Stop swimming through a stack of plastic and aggregate your physical and digital gift cards in one convenient spot.

  • Aggregate & view your gift cards

    Take the guesswork out of how much is left on your gift cards (or even where they are). With the Bakkt App, see how much is left on your gift cards and ensure that you never overlook a penny in the process.

  • Buy, spend and send

    Send a gift card to a friend or buy one for yourself – choose from over 100+ supported brands, many of which are available at a discount!

Get it together

The Bakkt® App

With Bakkt, now you have one place to manage crypto, rewards, and more.

  • Meet your new digital wallet

    Quickly link supported accounts to the Bakkt App to see your loyalty points, rewards programs, gift cards and cryptocurrency side by side in a single view.

  • Money, made flexible

    Bakkt puts the choice in your hands on how to use your digital assets, unlocking new ways to convert, trade, send and spend.

Money, made flexible

Crypto, rewards and more!

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*Bakkt does not charge a per-transaction fee like most other platforms do; however, we buy/sell crypto to our customers at a slightly lower/higher price than our computed market price (this difference is sometimes called a margin or spread).