How to Make the Most Out of Your Gift Cards

The best gift cards? The ones you remember to spend. Learn more about Bakkt’s gift card program where you can aggregate, spend, and send gift cards across a portfolio of brands.

Sep 29 2020

Convenience + Safety: The Future of Contactless Payments

Find out why contactless payments are the future in a post-COVID-19 world (for both safety and convenience), and how you can use your digital wallet with Bakkt.

Nicolas Cabrera
Aug 11 2020

Personal Finance Terms To Know For Investing And Trading

Don't let finance jargon around trading & investing deter you from participating in it! Here, we explain some of the more common personal finance terminology.

Nicolas Cabrera
Jul 23 2020

A Brief History of Cryptocurrency as Payment

A timeline & brief history of retailers who accept cryptocurrency as a form of payment – soon, you can pay with crypto using the Bakkt App.

Nicolas Cabrera
Jul 9 2020

10 Personal Finance Tips To Help You Save Money

Learn personal finance tips to help you save money, budget for the things you want & find money you didn't know you had with Bakkt.

Nicolas Cabrera
Jun 23 2020

Customer Loyalty Points Pay Off — Best Practices for Making Your Purchases Play Double Duty

Earn rewards points from your COVID-19 quarantine purchases for new hobbies & share, exchange or trade in the Bakkt App for future trips or cash!

Nicolas Cabrera
Jun 11 2020

Bakkt Digital Assets: The What, How, Why & When

Discover digital assets you didn’t know you had, and turn them into cash for purchasing the things you want or need with Bakkt's digital wallet.

Nicolas Cabrera
May 21 2020

Unlocking the value of digital assets

Previewing Bakkt’s focus on payments in an evolving landscape

Oct 29 2019