Pay Gig Workers in Crypto

With Bakkt® you can offer individuals an easy way to receive full or partial disbursements in crypto.

How is Crypto Changing Payouts for Gig Workers?

Read what our Chief Product Officer of Payments, Nicolas Cabrera has to say in our "Ask the Expert" series

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One solution, many use cases

Crypto payouts have many use cases, appealing to individuals across industries. Deliver your crypto strategy with Bakkt® Crypto Payout

Gig Economy, Marketplaces, and Creators

  • Provide gig economy contractors, influencers, and creators the option to receive crypto as payment
  • Differentiate your brand with individuals
  • Offer near real-time crypto payments

Backed by Bakkt

  • Institutional grade security
  • Fully regulated solution
  • Customer support to match your working hours
  • Tax reporting for crypto transactions

Why Choose Bakkt?

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Product Overview

Three years ago, your company may have been asking, “Should we have a crypto strategy?"

Today, you must ask: “What is our crypto strategy?"

What changed?

Crypto offers opportunities for customer engagement and retention. Our latest report focuses on five ways to get started with your crypto strategy.

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