Bakkt Digital Assets

The future of digital asset solutions has arrived. Aggregate your gift cards and manage them all in one place. Convert digital assets like rewards and loyalty points, miles, crypto, and gaming assets into one another, or into cash to spend or send as digital payments.

What are Digital Assets?

Digital assets are the loyalty and rewards points, airline miles, gaming assets, gift cards and crypto that you’re holding but may not know that you can use as a form of payment. The Bakkt App is a digital wallet that transforms your digital currency into something much more tangible, allowing you to trade, spend, or send your accumulated digital assets. In short, Bakkt is the first and only app that lets you interchangeably convert your digital assets into rewards, miles, cash, and crypto — creating portfolio value out of simply living your life.

  • Those rewards points you’ve earned from your daily coffee?

    Spend them via the digital Bakkt card wherever Apple Pay or Google Pay is accepted.

  • Want to dip your toe into investing in the crypto market?

    Use money you didn’t even know you had to buy and sell crypto easily and securely.

  • Airline miles gathering dust?

    Instantly turn them into a staycation with no red-eye flights or packing involved.

  • Owe your friend for dinner?

    Turn forgotten customer loyalty points into cash, and pay them back instantly by sending it through the Bakkt App.

  • With Bakkt you can manage all of your digital assets across various platforms and brands, all in one convenient place.
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Rewards & Loyalty Points

The loyalty points that you’ve accumulated through various rewards programs can now be aggregated in one convenient place and converted into cash, miles, or crypto. Spend, send, or trade your loyalty and rewards points however you want with Bakkt.

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Cryptocurrency is a digital asset that serves as virtual currency, whose respective ownership is recorded in a public database, or digital ledger, known as the blockchain. Bitcoin was the first mainstream decentralized cryptocurrency, and remains the most popular. “Blockchain” may sound scary, but Bakkt is here to make bitcoin trading easy.

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In-Game Assets

The in-game currency you’ve acquired during gaming can now convert into cash, miles, or crypto. Have virtual currency stashed in several games that you no longer play? Now your video game cash can be used to make purchases with the Bakkt App.

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Bakkt Cash

They say cash is king, and with Bakkt, all roads can lead to digital cash. Convert your loyalty points, rewards, miles, and crypto into cash and spend it wherever Apple Pay or Google Pay is accepted using the digital Bakkt card.

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Gift Cards

All those gift cards gathering dust on top of your dresser? Load them into the Bakkt App. And from there, the options are many: aggregate, view, check your gift card balances, spend, reload, or send one as a gift. With Bakkt’s gift card management, you’ll never leave money on the table again.

A system for storing and organizing digital assets

At Bakkt, we’re here to make your digital asset management seamless, simple, and safe — digital asset tracking shouldn’t be a hassle, but a treasure hunt.

The security of your hard-earned assets is our #1 priority. Bakkt is powered by the Intercontinental Exchange, the owner of the New York Stock Exchange, and leverages world-class security programs to keep your digital assets safe. Digital assets bring a complex new set of safety requirements, and rest assured - our enterprise security capabilities are fully equipped to defend your digital assets.

Loyalty sponsors, retailers and merchants that utilize Bakkt Loyalty & Merchant Products will reap the benefits. Bakkt provides options for loyalty program management and innovative payment solutions, and expands customer redemption options while lowering the costs of payment acceptance. Plus, our new and unique reward redemption programs help drive customer engagement and brand loyalty. Bakkt’s Rewards Suite offers options including shopping for merchandise and gift cards across hundreds of brands, plus the ability to purchase travel experiences and event tickets with customers’ aggregated digital assets.

With Bakkt you can instantly access your digital assets whenever you need them, and most importantly, use them on your own terms safely, securely, and with confidence.

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