Bakkt Loyalty & Merchant Products

Bakkt® offers a rich suite of loyalty and merchant products spanning rewards and loyalty program management, a fraud protection solution, payments platform and innovative redemption options to drive customer engagement and brand loyalty. Loyalty sponsors see decreased liability through a variety of P&L friendly reward options. Bakkt powers loyalty and rewards programs for seven of the top ten financial institutions, two premier airlines and over 1,500 additional companies across a wide spectrum of industries.

Merchant partners within the Bakkt ecosystem see a lower cost of payment acceptance, lower cost of acquisition, and enhanced customer engagement.

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Pay with Points

What is Bakkt's Pay with Points?

Bakkt’s Pay with Points platform allows consumers to spend their rewards and loyalty points at their favorite online retailers. Give your customers the ability to use rewards immediately for merchandise, travel, and valuable goods and services. Pay with Points is available wherever credit cards are used, letting customers pay immediately in-full with their rewards, or pay partially with rewards points, supplementing the remaining balance with another form of payment. This optionality lets your customers buy products without having to wait for their rewards balances to grow.

What services does Bakkt provide for merchants using Pay with Points?

Bakkt handles all integration, support and reconciliation directly with the merchants on the Pay with Points platform. This removes obstacles while allowing you to manage important aspects of your rewards programs, such the value of the rewards used, the retailers made available to your customers, and joint marketing promotions. By expanding your customers’ buying power, Bakkt Pay with Points accelerates brand engagement, drives an increase in redemptions, and heightens customer satisfaction.

Bakkt's Pay with Points In Action

Fraud Protection Suite

Does Bakkt provide fraud protection for merchants?

All loyalty programs experience some level of fraudulent activity, challenging program managers to actively fight loyalty fraud. Security is vital to every product at Bakkt, and our Fraud Protection Suite extends our internal, security-first mindset to our merchant partners. Bakkt is a founding member of the Loyalty Fraud Prevention Association and is proud to deliver world-class fraud protection and PCI-compliant security protocols that constantly evolve to protect against attacks on loyalty programs.

From frictionless pre-screen capabilities to more robust identification verification techniques, Bakkt Fraud Protection Suite solutions are fully configurable, and are supported by a robust proprietary rules engine based upon a wide range of fraud intelligence triggers.

Benefits of Bakkt Fraud Protection Suite

The Bakkt Fraud Protection Suite can help prevent over 90% of fraud attempts with key benefits including:

  • Identity Validation: ensure that the user is the owner of the loyalty account
  • Proactive Controls: identify fraudulent data points and patterns and score the device used to make the transaction
  • Fraud Alerts: receive constant alerting on all suspicious activity
  • Event Correlation: identify fraudulent activity tied to specific behaviors
  • In-Depth Log Analysis: analyze logs generated by multiple systems and assign a rule score to identify the level of threat
  • Audit Trails: document suspicious activity with an audit trail
  • Fraud Detection Tools: review with online and offline analysis

Program Management

Benefits of Bakkt Rewards and Loyalty Program Management

Bakkt simplifies the operational aspects of loyalty and rewards program management while reducing costs and providing flexibility for your customers. Bakkt will work collaboratively with you to ensure that your program promotes your brand and gives you the ultimate control over your rewards program.


Each variable can be adjusted to a tiered program status with Bakkt Program Management.


Branding, rewards currency value, redemption categories, sales and promotions, split tender – all variables that you control.


As business needs evolve, rest assured that these variables can be adjusted at your direction

Program management expands beyond the front-end of your loyalty program. Bakkt Program Management combines top-notch service operations with our best-in-class platform to bring you cost efficiencies, flexibility and robust ad-hoc reporting capabilities.

Single Point of Contact

One contact for all operational tasks, simplifying program management and reducing overhead costs.

Financial Reconciliation

Unique to Bakkt, we provide financial reconciliation across all reward providers and third-party relationships.

Fully Integrated

We handle all integrations and support, removing all obstacles for your company.

Robust Reporting Tool

Execute default or customizable reports to analyze past data to optimize your program.

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