Bakkt Merchant Partners

Bakkt is a leading provider of loyalty solutions. We partner with merchants to help them unlock the value of digital assets by bringing those assets into mainstream payments. To do so, Bakkt creates marketplaces with embedded ecosystems to help capture consumer spending power.

Powering Loyalty Programs for Our Partners

At Bakkt, we bring transparency and trust to the digital asset market. Bakkt enables merchants to unlock economic value through expanded merchant networks, along with providing value to customers through high-value redemptions and offers – all without compromising loyalty. Our loyalty, incentive, and employee perk programs all benefit from our ability to deliver the Apple® shopping experience.

Our Loyalty & Merchant Products

Merchants within the Bakkt ecosystem see a lower cost of payment acceptance, enhanced customer engagement, and decreased loyalty liability through a variety of redemption options. Merchants retain control over the conversion value of the points their customers earn. Bakkt offers seamless, configurable scaling with controls.

Rewards Suite

Drive value for customers by letting them redeem rewards with greater freedom.

Pay with Points

Give your customers the ability to use rewards immediately at their favorite online retailers.

Fraud Protection Suite

Deliver world-class fraud protection and security with Bakkt’s help.

Program Management

Reduce costs and provide flexibility for your customers through Bakkt’s loyalty program management.

Partner with Bakkt, or Become a Reseller

We have experience working with a variety of resellers, including platform providers and incentive companies, that provide consumer incentive products.

Value-added resellers take advantage of:

  • Low cost of entry
  • Predictive and manageable margin outcome with real-time reports
  • Savings in operations
  • Competitive advantage for acquisition due to selection, value, in-store pickup, and turnkey booking engine
  • Competitive cost of goods
  • Increased sales and mix shift

Interested in becoming a Bakkt Loyalty or Merchant Partner? We’d love to hear from you.

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